Sunday, January 16, 2005

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered.

Ethics, standards, and moral fiber. Three things I had once blindly and naively convinced myself that I had a healthy supply. Or perhaps a younger, less jaded and far more optimistic version of myself did, if fact, maintain a suitable degree of each. Regardless, I am now quite certain that any reserves I had are depleted. Now, instead of standing tall on my own pedestal of illusionary virtue and honour I recline on dark sands of self indulgence, basking in the seductive light of hedonism, dipping my toes in a warm sea of apathy.

I'm can't help but think that I should be terribly revolted by the fact that I can be bought. That I can be so easily tempted and swayed by beguiling promises of a better life. That I am so very close to slipping into a shadowy void wherein lies the shimmering grail of instant gratification. I should possibly feel some sort of dismay for lost innocence, or mayhaps anger towards a society that incessantly bombards me with cliche slogans like "He with the most toys wins."

Sadly, I feel none of those things. I am left with only a stolid acceptance of my fate and a slightly throbbing emptiness where faith and conviction once resided. Disturbing to feel your spirit decay and degenerate into some twisted mockery of what it once was and to lack the courage, will, and determination to restore it.

Quite simply I'm losing the struggle. For too long I have be following the easy road and it has led me so far into darkness that I'm not sure if I can find my way back. Nor, really, am I sure I really want to. It's comforting here and all your worries just seem to fade away...

Friday, January 14, 2005

Winter Wonderland

There was a time not so long ago when I attributed my bad attitude in the winter towards cold temperatures so extreme that I couldn't even be dragged from the house to spend a day on the Slopes. Now, however, I don't think it is the winter weather that forces me to hide in nice warm lounges to escape for a brief moment of respite.

It is, quite simply, the abundance of truly stupid people who venture forth in the winter months and seem completely oblivious to the fact that it is not summer. You may have seen them recently. They seem to have a distinct tendency to congregate in snow drifts just a few feet off the road. Their presence is often announced by the presence of flashing lights and a fire truck blocking all but one lane of traffic. So far as I can tell they seem to prefer Glenmore, Crowchild, Deerfoot, and McKnight as meeting places. Which effectively limits your ability to easily traverse the City in less than two hours.

Sadly, were you to approach these seasonally inept, they will, invariably, assure you of one thing - They are, without a doubt, above average drivers. Their current predicament is the unfortunate result of the rest of humanity conspiring against them. Well, of course it is. I am quite certain that excessive speed, lack of attention, failure to notice the sheet of ice on the road, and terribly poor timing had absolutely nothing to do with their SUV being launched into the snowdrift/lightpole/guard rail/other vehicle. Four Wheel, or All-Wheel drive, while exceptional for permitting you to accelerate and weave through traffic, offers absolutely zero assistance for stopping on ice. Oh, and stay off your bloody cell phone dumb ass. I doubt you are so important that the Earth will cease spinning if you delay your call for a few minutes until you have safely exited from traffic.

That being said, You are all now cordially invited for beer and wings at Stavros North at 7:00. As usual I can be convinced to buy. Last chance before I flee this god forsaken land for the more habitable climates of Victoria and Cancun (And yes, sadly, then back to the frigid North Slope of Alaska). For those I don't see... Catch ya in April.
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